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Have a happy Thanksgiving from All of us at Outlaw Prospector’s adventure site..

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OutLaw Scott..

Scott with son Garrett come out to the claims often and this time Garrett bring a new toy, a Go Pro.   Very cool Job Garrett.


Here is what he shot. 

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“Movie Night”

October 17-18-19, 2014

Imogene if you will under a moon lit night, yuccas swaying in the breeze, full set of stars in the night ski, eye shine from all the critters, and a soft lit camp fire keeping your feet worm. All this and a movie playing on the hill side.

First trip of the winter season..

Movie it was a last. Wish everyone would of it out.

this should help.


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Brew Master Wes

Wes was a Master Brewer at Budweiser beer industries. Now retired he is enjoying the pleasures of gold prospecting. Enjoy this small video of him running dirt through his gold exorcist.


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Desert Don

It’s here,, let’s watch Don in action.

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Yearly Events

Claims Maintenance Outing will be the weekend of May 23rd-25th this year. We will spend time starting Saturday morning doing our yearly maintenance work on all claims. After we are done we will resume prospecting. Please mark your calendar as it is important that everyone lends a hand.

Weekend trips

October movie night coming soon. Keep an eye out for the date.

*On any trip please bring firewood and don’t forget to clean up area before leaving.

Lost Snuffer Finds 2013_14
weekend trip 6.20-21.14


Poppin lead with Dave

Dead eye Dave  357 mag revolver, 50 ft.
Dead eye Dave
357 mag revolver, 50 ft.
Dead eye, no really one eyes is dead! 44 mag revolver, 50 ft.
Dead eye, no really one eyes is dead!
44 mag revolver, 50 ft.

Don’t let this fool you, this guy can knock
a flee off a ticks ass at about 500 yards!!

True Story..

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Grumpy’s house

Grumpies marking his claimOh he’s just marking his claims!!

Dave’s photo gallery

Daves-photo-Art Dave loves to take pictures of himself so it’s going to take a few days to sort through all the pictures he gave me so stay tuned folks..

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